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About Me

I grew up in rural Illinois with my sister and parents amid a stupendous amount of corn.  My first run-in with radio came in high school when, along with the cast of our yearly high school musical, I performed scenes on 1240-AM, WSDR in Sterling, Illinois.

Cut to college and two years as Modern Rock Music Director for student-run WZND-FM.  That’s when I discovered the the other campus radio station WGLT-FM and with it, NPR.  I immediately came to appreciate the alternative NPR and its affiliates provide in the face of a drab and predictable commercial radio landscape.  For five years I worked a regular jazz DJ shift on weekday evenings and Friday afternoons plus a blues DJ shift on Saturdays and Sundays.

Now I live in Sacramento, CA, and work at Capital Public Radio showcasing notable bands from around the nation to those from the neighborhoods of the Capital City.

I’m also experiencing my first taste of what I consider adulthood, holding delusions of sophistication that often don’t match my modest lifestyle.  As a result, I spend time trying to find just the right wine to accompany Tuna Helper . . . a Shiraz works well.

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